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McKenzie Insurance Agency

McKenzie Insurance Agency

Welcome to the McKenzie Insurance Agency, now part of The Cole Agency, Inc.

Christian service, competitive pricing, experienced agents, secure coverage, and quality contracts are our tradition.

CHRISTIAN service means treating the customer as we would want to be treated. We seek Christian repair firms, adjusters and Companies. Honest settlement of claims, audits and endorsements are demanded from our Companies.

COMPETITIVE pricing due to comparison rating between our many companies your current company and others. This “in house" competition exposes each companies unique pricing weakness for YOUR lowest dollar cost.

INDEPENDENT agency thus able to focus on our customer's wants and needs, rather than the Company's. No quotas no trips. We also utilize Independent Claim Adjusters to make sure our customers' claims are properly represented.

EXPERIENCED agents, all are twenty five year employees. Our owner has taught insurance seminars for South Ga. Tech, Habitat for Humanity and other groups. Also claims consulting, digital documentation and web page design.

STABLE markets provided by the strength of numbers and the fullness of time. Our over 1000 customers have yielded excellent loss ratios for many, many years. We use “regional" sized companies that appreciate our “size" of volume.

SECURE coverage provided by companies that limit their exposure primarily to the Southeastern U.S. This prevents our customers from suffering all the catastrophic loss of other areas. Plus we have one million in errors insurance.

QUALITY contracts designed by the I.S.O.(a Federally regulated organization whose sole purpose is to set the “industry standard" for insurance contracts). All our Companies are rated A+, by “Bests" the industries largest rating service .

AUTOMATION service pioneers. We served as the “guinea pig" and first customer of the largest insurance agency management software system in the world. Automated since 1975, we now offer full DSL electronic policy service.

PORTFOLIO of products. All types of contracts. Tax deferred retirement plans and Special Church programs are our newest products. True gap filling Umbrellas to plug into the best in basic contracts, for maximum protection.



McKenzie Insurance Agency

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